Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Off the Boat In Search of Roots & Babies on Board in Grenada

August 15, 2011
Aunt Peggy (L) and Mom (R)
Sooo much going on - where to start.....There is nothing boring about living on a boat!  I flew to the USA July 12, spending two weeks with Mom in Jacksonville.  During that time, we made a road trip to Scottsboro, AL visiting family and friends for about a week.   Mom is one of 7 children and as a result, I have 23 first cousins in and around that area.  We spent a lot of time looking through old old old photos and visiting old cemeteries with Mom & family trying to identify long departed relatives -- a wonderful opportunity to learn more about my heritage and to hear family stories from the uncles and Mom - all of whom are in their 80’s. 
Devers Cove, settled by Mom's side of the family - the Devers

Relative buried in 1810 in Devers Cove

Original tombstone at bottom of photo.  Another relative.

I went on to Charleston, SC,  babysitting my grandchildren, RobertE and Riley, while my daughter, Leslie, took the Bar Exam.  Fingers crossed - she’ll have the results at the end of October.
Granddaughter Riley

Grandson RobertE

Chase drinking coconut WATER (not milk!)

Chase & Friend (no - beer is not his nor hers!)
Grandson Chase & Andy kept busy while I was gone - the refrig when I returned was exactly the way I’d left it nearly a month before...including buried leftovers.  Chase departed Grenada July 20 hating to go.  He had a great time here, for which we’re delighted.  One never knows what a teenager will like or think from year to year so we hesitated to book him for too long a stay - hanging out with the old folks might not be to his liking.  He wanted to stay and as changing tickets is no longer a simple nor inexpensive matter, he had to go home on schedule as planned.  After Chase left, Andy must have walked the docks with tongue hanging out every night in a personal pity party....grin.  He subsequently received lots of invites for dinner from our boating neighbors.  Huh, this guy snowed me before we were married by cooking a meal or two from time to time.  No more.  He can’t find the pots and pans.....See what marriage does?????

Flying to Grenada

Returning to Grenada on August 2  with my youngest  daughter Lindsay, her husband, Walker, and my two grandchildren, Pickett and Makenna, in tow, we proceeded to have wonderful time for  the next 11 days with them aboard.

Lindsay Larrison Lea

  American Airlines lost a bag for 5 days, creating some hassles for sure as baby gear and all Walker’s clothing was in the bag.   Ah well, it was also Carnival Time here in Grenada, so we went to Plan B, punted and did without.  Finally, Walker had to break down and go shopping.  Few choices - imagine this huge guy forced to purchase red heart boxers as nothing was available in his size......tee hee hee....

Makenna, 14 months, and Pickett, just barely 3 years old, had a ball.  Pickett calls me 'boat Grammie' and loves everything to do with the boat, especially taking 'boat shaw shaws' (showers) off the aft deck, outside, buck naked.

The only concession we have to make with the babies on board is to keep the doors to the forward and aft cabins and the door to the outside locked at all times in order to prevent a baby from opening the door and falling straight down a long flight of steps or from sneaking outside to the decks. 

Hey guys!  Unlock the door!  I can SEE YOU!
 This time, instead of sleeping on a bed on the floor in our cabin, Pickett slept in the bed with us a few times or in the bed with his folks.  Makenna sleeps in a portable crib set up in the saloon (too big to fit anywhere else!) and finally in a little tent contraption set up in the forward cabin with her parents.

Cocoon bed!  In the V-berth

Makenna's porta crib we keep on board!

Lindsay & Walker on an island tour

Grammie, I don't like coconut water.

Forts are the same on boats - but they rock!

Dinner time - one on the floor for safety!

Grammie loves hosing down the aft deck
Who needs a bed?  Asleep watching Thomas the Train

Walking in this is better than swimming in it!
Ahhhh, sleeping beauty in the dingy
No, you go first!

Let's freak out Grammie & jump at the same time!

Papa Andy is soooooo funny!

Sunset on the beach.  Topless is cool.

Can you wrap me up any more?????

Bird's eye view of everything!

Forget changing my diaper.  Just strap me to the table so I can nap!

The grownups sure like this Carib stuff!!

Papa Andy told my my job is to sit still & hold the line.

Love the dingy rides!
The big guys let me play with them!

If you can figure out how to untie Grammie's knots, I can drop the anchor!

Playing in Grammie's & Papa Andy's bed is the most fun!

Ah, we were sorry to see them go!  It is much too quiet on the boat.  I miss the chaos, the confusion, the running around and mostly I miss the sweet hugs and kisses from the little ones.   They are sorely missed!