Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mona Passage to Boqueron, Puerto Rico

April 23, 2011  Saturday
Departing this morning was a slow process.  No matter how we tried yesterday to make prior arrangements to check out of the DR (can’t do - not allowed -- ahead of time), we asked for the earliest check out.  Promised that arrangements would begin at 6:30 for us, we were pacing the deck by 6:15 am.  After numerous VHF calls and one trip to the Office, FIVE officials arrived to check us out.  Navy, Customs, Immigration and who knows who else.....and 30+ minutes later, after a required, but cursory search of our boat , we pulled out at 7:30 am.  I’m the Type A, but Type C- Andy can’t get used to this ‘island mentality’.   He was frothing....we have a very long day ahead of us through the Mona Passage to Boqueron, Puerto Rico and he is very nervous, dreading the final portion through the Mona.

April 23, 2011 Saturday afternoon
The smiling Gods were with uneventful calm cruise through the rest of the Mona Passage, passing the Island of Mona to our starboard.  So much anxiety for a nothing cruise!

Dropping the anchor in Boqueron bay along the western shore of Puerto Rico, about 3:30 PM, we settled in to relax, listening to the Puerto Rican music blasting out our way from shore.

Rounding the bend near Boqueron

A simple phone call to Custom/Immigration using our Frequent Boater Option cards cleared us - no need to go traipsing off for a long taxi ride to Mayaguez to clear (Boqueron is NOT an official port of entry - be careful if you do not have the US Frequent Boater Card - officials might get angry at you.)

Boqueron is cited as one of the most popular anchorages and places for locals to visit.  The beach was packed with people and the music blared into well after 3:00 AM!!  Ah, well, we love the local culture.  My friend who lives on the Island told me that as this has been Holy Week before Easter Sunday, Puerto Ricans spend the week going to Church, especially on Good Friday.  They are ready to party by Saturday night, before going back to Church on Sunday.  Party they DID!  Too bad we were too tired to dingy in to join them!

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