Friday, December 2, 2011

Bitch Wings and Buck Naked in Bequia

December 2, 2011  Friday       
Dropping our hook off Princess Margaret Beach in Admiralty Bay, on the island of Bequia (still in St. Vincent and the Grenadines), after a smooth 2 1/2 hour run from Mustique on Wednesday, we were thrilled to see more friends from our Port Louis Marina days.  Dora & John off Winddrifter, Rich & Margaret of DanceAweigh and Rick & Elizabeth from Sojourn Mariner are all here.   We’ll all catch up & get together - the weather is turning to wind, rain and higher seas, so we’re all here for a few days.

OMG.  We dropped our hook next to an aqua colored French sailboat with two guys aboard, one of whom obviously forgot to pack his clothes and who likes to strut his stuff.  As we cruised past, the guy walked to his bow.  Scanning the water for a patch of sand in which to drop the anchor, & then while dropping the anchor, my eyes would light on this guy, full buff, full frontal nudity.  Hummm, as Andy would say -- “looked like a penis, only smaller”.

Peek shows aside, this guy was too much as we were anchored in close proximity.  Standing along his railing, he’d aim that thing at our boat, peeing as hard as he could.  THE most obnoxious was the vision of this 50 something guy, buck naked, hanging off the back of his swim ladder, taking a poop.  THEN washing his butt.  Gag me please.  Soooooo annoying and sooooo ruins my view of the beautiful surroundings.  I choked on my morning coffee.  What a pig.

I would have objected even if he’d been 20 something, buff and with recognizable body parts. Enough!  Take your private parts and play elsewhere - like back in France on a nude beach. 
I don't smile when I strut MY stuff, bitch wings flapping!

On the Plus Side, Rich taught me a new expression - “Bitch Wings” and told me to use them on the Naked Nightmare.  Now, I strut MY stuff, Bitch Wings flapping, every time he’s up and about strutting HIS stuff. 

The French aqua colored boat pulled out this morning after he strutted his stuff yet again.  He did put on a t-shirt to pull up the anchor, mooning the world.  Why the t-shirt???  Andy tried over and over to get a photo - never was able to!
Buck Naked in Bequia

However, by afternoon, another boat dropped the hook right in front of us.  ANOTHER ONE!  Getting tiresome....Wait til he spots my Bitch Wings in the morning!

P l e a sssss e --- leave me to my coffee in peace!


  1. Oh my.....I'm feeling ill all the from my sheltered land locked home!!!!

    Glen & Marie
    M/V Mysti Dream

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