Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back in the Bahamas

After waving Good-Bye to all our new friends at South Side Marina on Friday, March 30, we departed on the high tide for nearby Sapadillo Bay in order to get an early start the next morning.  We’ve learned....we came into this marina on a rising tide the other day, but less than 2 hours from high.  We stuck Finally Fun in the sand for a few moments or two, till we could get her off and absolutely into the middle of that channel!   Last time, we waited in Sapadillo Bay until the high tide....Shoulda, woulda....

Beach off W. Planya Cay - Big cruising boat w guests set up the chairs
The two long 10 hour days cruising in the North Atlantic were uneventful.  We dropped the hook the first night off West Planya Cay, a tiny tiny dot of a mostly uninhabited island, settling in quickly and hitting the sack, pooped.  How can one be so tired when one sits on their fanny all day?  Amazing.  Must be the fresh air....

Sharon reeling, reeling

Andy taking over reeling one in

We arrived in Clarencetown, Long Island, Bahamas about 5:30 PM on Day Two.   The only excitement today was catching THREE fish, as we trolled along the way!  A black fin tuna and a cero mackerel got beheaded and gutted very quickly. 

Cero Mackerel
 Just as I finished chumming the water with the yucky parts, zing - out went the line again!  This time, a cagey fish fought me for a bit, then headed straight for the boat, blasting up alongside the starboard side, hooked a sharp turn and aimed right for us.  The lure with the hook - snapped out of whatever it was - aimed skyward and splashed back into the ocean.  Never saw the fish..  At the marina, professional captains told me it sounded like I’d hooked a Wahoo..  Ah, someday.  No matter.  
Cleaning fish aboard Finally Fun - Messy Messy
The nice Captain gave me a few pointers on cleaning my fish as I whacked away on the marina’s fish table.  I managed to salvage quite a bit.  Fresh raw fish (using both) with sushi rice and stir fry vegs made a great meal.  I froze the remainder, after making tuna tartare for tomorrow. 

Shark moving in for my chum
What a place.  Remind me to NEVER fall in the water at the Flying Fish Marina.  As we were tying up at the outside fuel dock, a lemon shark (pale tan color) swam past, fin straight up in the water - about 15 feet long.   Right behind him, a large sting ray.  Then, while I was cleaning my fish, a feeding frenzy ensued when I tossed my fish bones and skin into the water.  Four large sharks - regular looking sharks -- NOT the tamer nurse sharks -- were there in a flash, as were lots of other big fish, all fighting for a scrap of fish parts.  Scary sight!
Off the dock in about 6 feet of water
Sunset off the bow of Finally Fun @ Flying Fish Marina

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