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More Summer Camp Activities for us AARP Types in Grenada

October, 2011

Ah, the fun never stops...tooooo many activities to choose from.  The boater group must be more than 80% Type A and never miss a moment to experience something new and FUN.

                   ICE CREAM SOCIAL
Most recently, over the past couple of weeks, we've thrown an ice cream social on the dock - banana splits galore!  We ate FAST - we are in the tropics, remember!  Fresh bananas, chocolate sauce, other fruits, whole fresh whipped cream, sprinkles and too many other things to count!

We could figure out who had been in line too many times -- the ice cream or chocolate on their face gave it away every time!!
Bill scooping ice cream & JoAnne in white at the end of the table

Bill & JoAnne aboard Ultra are always the catalyst behind the cooking classes and the ice cream and other such activities.  God Bless Them - the rest of us have gotten lazy but they keep the spark going and we all pitch in!

Boaters had a ball at the ice cream social.  Ice cream for dinner was the menu for most!

 A sample of our life over the past couple of weeks: 
Andy grinning at the food table

The Canadian one!  We bused from Port Louis Marina to another marina, covered home made side dishes on our laps.  The marina cooked the turkeys and opened the bar with Happy Hour prices and provided a DJ!  So much fun that was over the top.  We learned that the Canadians celebrate much like we do in the USA for Thanksgiving - the same Indian assistance way back when and the same type of foods.  What a feast!!

Getting ready to sit down

Young Conner is a favorite cruiser friend of ours!

Soo much food to share!

It's all about friendship

The view is not bad either!!

The women line dancing after dinner!

Even the guys have no shame and make fun happen!
I even ran outside to purchase some fruits & vegs from the locals
 We ate and danced the day away at that marina.  Returning to Port Louis, we celebrated yet again on our dock!  A sailor with a 65’ sailboat and a REGULAR SIZED OVEN, baked a huge turkey (me, the breast might not fit in my small oven!) and we again brought a covered dish to share.  In spite of full tummies and saying we only wanted ‘a bite’ - we ate yet AGAIN, celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving.  Phew.  What a day!  Such a sharing of friendship and customs!  We must have had 5 different nationalities at the events - the common denominator being fellowship, great food & a willingness to make new friends!

Note the moon at the top right as we watch a movie


In case we might get bored, once a week, JoAnne & Bill aboard Ultra, host a Move Night.  Hoisting a sail as a screen, utilizing their computer and a  projector, the fun begins at dark.

Boaters bring chairs or whatever to sit on; many pop popcorn to share; bring something to drink if you want and sit back and enjoy the movie under the stars and in the cool evening breeze on our dock.

The crowd has settled in.  The big brown chairs are us!!

Finally Fun has a LONG galley counter!!


Ahh - I’ve learned how to make sushi and sashimi!  We are able to get fabulous fresh fish from a local fisherman (tuna; mahi) so the wheels started turning.  Long story short, about 15 women were aboard Finally Fun for an afternoon of preparing sushi and sashimi for about 40!
This group could start a restaurant!!

We cleaned out the grocery stores in  St. George’s individually, purchasing all the seaweed paper & wasabi we could find.  A couple of the gals knew how to prepare the food and had the bamboo rollers (who knew it took these - not me).

Sooo many knives were flying, chop chop

Sharing wine, chopping a mountain of carrots, peeling avacodo, slicing tuna and all the other stuff that goes into sushi - we had a ball!
Layering it all on top of the sticky rice

Pounds of sticky rice were cooked on another boat so Finally Fun could stay 'cooler' with the crowd!

One for the tray, One for the mouth

Now, if I can just find some bamboo rollers, I’ll try it on my own.

Sharon watching.  I was the gofer - my boat

Look at all that food!!  Note the guys show up when it's ready.
So creative, so attractive & oh, so good to eat

We made all kinds of shushi foods

Let the meal begin!  Boaters beginning to crowd around the table.

Another Sunday afternoon this month, Martin, our local friend and his sister, taught us how to make sou chicken.  Ladies, no oil in the chicken - use brown sugar instead over a low heat.  That, plus the spicy marinade and slow cooking made for a fabulous dish.

Browning the chicken in brown sugar!

Marinade getting hot
Adding spices to the mix

The usual hungry crowd impatiently waiting for the food to be ready

Chicken, baked mac & cheese, black eyed peas with rice & potatoe salad with vegs in it
 We completed the meal with peas and rice, potatoe salad and the island’s famous Mac & Cheese -- baked and to die for.  Coconut milk goes into everything here and boy, does it make a difference.

As decadent as we boaters are, eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow - I saw these cigarettes for sale in the duty free store downtown.  I’ve never seen these warnings.  Veryyyy interesting!

This one should cure all

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