Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dingy Concert in Grenada - a Highlight!

A highlight!  Attending a dingy concert held in Clark Court’s Bay was such a great experience.  Le Phare Bleu Marina & Resort sponsors these approximately every two months, bringing a tug boat out to the middle of the Bay loaded with the equipment & the singers.  Top notch talent every time - some internationally renown.  I never knew  about these in advance so we’ve always missed them.  I was determined to attend!  Ahh, then I became very frustrated when it appeared as though we weren’t going to be able to participate in this one either,  as taking our dingys that far around to the other side of the island was just not feasible.  No one wanted to take the big boats out of Port Louis Marina to cruise to Clark’s Court Bay, drop anchor & then have to spend the night as it would be dark upon return.  Remember those reefs again??? 

Getting a ride to the barge

Brilliant idea!  I got on the phone to the sponsor of the event.  Ooops, then I could not understand the answers to my questions as I speak no French!  Enlisting French Canadian friends here on the dock to translate & to beg, we were able to get Le Phare Bleu Marina to agree to haul a big floating barge out to the concert site AND to dingy us all out there and back for the concert!  Wow!
Top Talent

Bird's eye view

And the RAINS came!

Andy - Not missing a beat!

Note the dog is covered & his people are not!

Playing under the tarp being held by boaters

Our group drip drying at dinner afterward

About 30 from Port Louis Marina signed up to attend.  Round trip bus transportation $10EC per person or about $3 US was our only expense...not counting the beer one might purchase and the meal afterward.  A fabulous experience, in spite of the squall that blew in fast and furious, soaking everyone and turning the sky black for a period of time!  Ah, it makes for memories & great stories.  This was a very special day and evening - one we’ll never forget.

Click on the video below to see a snippet of the Dingy Concert!  If a problem, try the direct link:


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