Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goodbye to Grenada

November 9, 2011
Grenadian Flag

We are anxious to begin moving, but also somewhat sad to leave this island of wonderful people.

An incident happened in the Carenage harbor in October, 1961 that to me, so represents the spirit of the Grenadian people that we have come to love and admire. 

The Bianca C, an Italian cruise ship loaded with 700 people, blew out its boilers in the early morning hours, quickly consuming the entire ship in flames.  Passengers jumped into the water, even those who could not swim.  I can’t image the vision of 700 people in the water, with fire all around! 

Instantly the word spread.  Grenadians streamed to the harbor, fishermen in boats pulling people in and getting them to shore where willing hands took care of them.  At the end of the disaster, with the Bianca C slipping to the bottom, only one person died. 

The islanders pulled together, with farmers from all over the island bringing in all the food they could harvest, sharing with all and setting up open fires, etc. to feed the masses.  Individual families took the stranded passengers to their humble homes for shelter until the Italians could get another ship here to bring the passengers back to their original departure point.
Christ of the Deep

This statute, Christ of the Deep, is a life sized bronze replica of the one sunk in the Bay of Naples.  It ‘is a symbol of God’s care for all who sail the high seas’ and serves as a ‘perpetual reminder of the heroic an unconditional assistance that was tendered to the crew and passengers’ by the citizens of Grenada.

Preparing the coconut so I can drink it
We shall so miss the ‘Isle of Spice’ with its wonderful people, its beautiful beaches, sparkling blue water, picturesque waterfalls, lush rain forest, breathtaking vistas, the hustle and bustle of the vendor’s market, the fish market and the meat market. 

Combine all that with the wonderful smells wafting across our boat - the spices, the floral and fauna, the foods cooking in open pots in streets. 

Stir all that with an overlay of the lively steel drums, the Calypso music that rolls across the harbor making Finally Fun vibrate late at night as we try to sleep.  Add to that the never to be forgotten Carnival we experienced with Lindsay, Walker & the grandchildren, Pickett & Makenna.

Fishing boats in the Carenage

I clearly understand why some boaters arrive and never leave........A piece of our hearts will remain here as we cherish our memories forever of this wonderful island and the even more wonderful people.

Ft. George overlooking the Carenage
Looking up the hill from the Carenage
One of my favorite Grenadians whom I always bought food from.  His sister cooks it and he sells it on the street.  Great Rasta food - vegetarian and always so very delicious!  His smile always brightens my day!!

The views always fantastic!
 Our home away from home for six months

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