Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mayreau in the Grenadines, part of the country of St. Vincent

November 24, 2011 Wednesday
Sharon & Andy in Mayreau
Two nights at anchor here in Saline Bay, Mayreau (pronounced MY roo) being lazy some more, just ‘limin’ as they say in these islands.

With Rich and Margaret aboard Dance Aweigh, we hiked from Saline Bay through the small village to Salt Whistle Bay.  Phew.  UP big hills and DOWN long hills which translates into back UP those long hills.  The views were so worth it and Salt Whistle Bay has to be one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.  By now, I’ve seen A LOT of beaches!

Finally Fun & Dance Aweigh in Saline Bay.  Union Island is behind us.
Same boats, different view from higher up the hillside
We decided to not move our boats to Salt Whistle Bay as it is very small.   The guide book states ‘boats can come to grief here’ at the reefs that pretty much surround the Bay, except in the middle.   It wasn’t crowded when we walked there and we knew we could comfortably get in to anchor.

Salt Whistle Bay as seen from the hill on our walk. Caribbean Sea
However, by mid afternoon, the place would be packed with charter boaters and too crowded for comfort.  We’ve learned to give the charter boats plenty of room as their skills and judgment are often sorely lacking.  We give THEM room, but zip, plunk and down an anchor drops, too close for comfort to us.  Ah, judgment...THEN, as soon as the splash of the anchor stops, these folks hop off the boat and zip away to explore in their dingy.  Maybe the anchor is set...and maybe NOT.   We don’t want to be stuck in there, jammed in with the inexperienced boats, so we will pass and stay in Saline Bay one more night.

Salt Whistle Bay viewed from the southern end

Salt Whistle Bay

Perfect Picture! Salt Whistle Bay

Smart Dog.  Dug hole for colder sand to take a nap in the shade.  Never opened his eyes!

Sharon & Andy taking a seat at Salt Whistle Bay

Rich & Margaret from Dance Aweigh

Local vendor & Margaret @ Salt Whistle Bay

Getting lots of coconuts ready, but for whom???

LOVED Salt Whistle Bay, Island of Mayreau

Looking over to the Tobago Cays on the Atlantic side from Mayreau

Charming Catholic Church on Mayreau.  Click on photo to enlarge & read

Church sits overlooking Tobago Cays

Ceiling is beautiful wood

Old Old Stained Glass

Back of Church

Andy's favorite - Same Shit Different Island (Salt Whistle Bay)
The little village is charming, with a number of bars and restaurants..amazing.  Lots as though every villager opened one.... but all empty of customers.
The rasta's place....not open at the moment
Whale bone painted with a heart

Stopping for a cold drink at Dennis’ Hideaway Resort (really nice place), Dennis said business is down 60% over the past two years.  Clearly, the world wide economy is bust everywhere.  We were the ONLY folks in town!

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