Monday, November 7, 2011

Memories - Preparing to Depart Grenada

November 5, 2011      Preparing to Depart Grenada

Ah, it’s been a great 6 months here at Port Louis Marina but we are so antsy to resume our cruising lifestyle AND to get back to the States.  We miss family and look forward to spending quality time with each.
Pickett visited us in Grenada

And so did his sister, Makenna

Given the distance and the slow pace at which we travel, a trip to the Caribbean is definitely a commitment of almost a year and a half.  The 6 month mandatory stay below 12.5 degrees North Lat for hurricane season does eat into one’s travel schedule.  We were not certain when we came down this way as to how long we’d stay and even thought we might stay two hurricane seasons.  However, after 3 or 4 months here, we’ve realized we are not willing to sit another six months in the same place during the next hurricane season, AND we really miss family,  so off we go!

We’ll slowly cruise back through the Windward and Leeward Islands, spending time in those we skipped.  We expect to spend approx Feb/March in the BVI, USVI and Spanish Virgins, but who knows.....all cruising plans are written in sand, at low tide.  We will just go along as we like, spending time where ever....  Andy has an attitude, however, very different from mine....
Andy's Attitude
In early April, as soon as the cold fronts and  squalls settle down, I’d like to bite the bullet and go straight across from Spanish Virgins to Turks & Cacios.  That route will allow us to  bypass Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, where we've already spent a great deal of time.  From Turks & Cacios, we'd then move fairly quickly through the Bahamas and then on to the USA.  But... we shall see.  That itinerary puts us at sea for several days of overnights and with only the two of us on watch 24/7, Andy is afraid we will wear out.   Our goal is to be in St. Pete, FL (our home for a number of years, but not for the past 25) by beginning of June, where we’ll spend a few months.

We’ve spent our time here making new friends from all over the world.  We’ve delighted in experiencing the Grenadian culture, the different foods and the wonderful pace of life.  As we’ve readied Finally Fun for her return voyage (ugh, all hard work - changing oils, filters, zincs, & other tasks in that engine room, as well as waxing, scrubbing, and scraping), I’ve had time to recall the wonderful places we’ve been while here as I performed some of those mindless tasks.

Below is my walk through Memory Lane of the things I did not previously write about.  (Remember, this blog is really for us - our book of memories.)

Celebrating Andy's 72nd birthday

Love the taxi driver - He dresses to match his van

Sendall Tunnel, 340 feet long & very narrow,  is always scary to walk through.  Built in 1895 it connects both halves of the city. 

Ladies Day Out at Belmont Estates, where Grenadian chocolate is grown - it is prized all over the world

Girl's Day Out at Belmont Estates, a 400 acre working plantation

He watched our every move @ Belmont Estates

So sad that the only parrots I ever see are in cages

Chocolate beans drying in the sun @ Belmont Estates

Floral & Fauna so beautiful

Common sight - laundry drying on bushes & also on the roof

Pineapple grows on the side of the road

I love the way she ties back her hair.

She always sells us coconut water at the market. She
won't smile for the camera, believing it will steal her spirit

The Fruit & Vegetable Market
Walking down the street to the Market

The Fish Market - Go early while the ice is still frozen & flies fewer
After you purchase, take the fish to him to filet, clean for you for a few EC $

Never tire of the colors

Left over Cuban plane from the 1983 invasion
Theresa, the 'mayor' of the market - a favorite person

Interior of the Fort above St. Georges.  This is where much of Grenada's history took place.

Along the side of the market

Hiking to Mt. Carmel Waterfall
Boaters swimming in one of the many waterfalls (not us)

One of the natural pools below Mt. Carmel Waterfall

Getting my feet washed after hiking to the waterfall.  He used the inside of a coconut husk.  So very soft & it got off the mud

Cooling off after our hike later in the day.  Beaches are either white sand or black volcanic sand.

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  1. Sharon and Andy,

    Congrats on a wonderful voyage! May you have a safe journey home and I hope we see you in the islands as we head south while you are heading north. Keep an eye out for us, we plan to be in the USVI and BVI and Jan/Feb. Looking forward reading about your voyage home!