Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Pig Roast -- By the Boaters For the Boaters!

October 23, 2011  Pig Roast in Grenada

 More fun!  Actually, I’m getting ‘funned out’ and tired from all the parties & activity!  This Pig Roast was quite the event, required some planning and enlisting the help of local islanders who were as excited as we were about cooking a whole pig on the beach here at Port Louis Marina.

The pig arrived via van from the Meet & Meat market & was promptly rubbed in marinade

 Disgusting sight prompting many to question why NOT become a vegetarian like Right Now ....

Sawing his head in half was over the Grossness Scale but was necessary in order to get Ms. Pig to lay flat on our grill.

Marinated well, with the Pig Committee likewise somewhat pickled from the beer and the heat, Ms. Pig was laid to rest in a giant cooler to spend the night in her oil & spices.

We locked her in the marina's Family Bathroom for the night.
Don't know where the Pig Committee passed out.....

Hauled every block down to the beach & built the fire pit

The guys got the charcoal fire burning well and man handled Ms. Pig onto a homemade metal grill - Thanks to our local contractor, CocoNut, here at the Marina, who built it for us out of scraps and got the blocks for us at a cheap price.

Too many cooks can ruin this pig.  Mr. John stuck to his internet instructions and refused all 'advice'.  He was right on - the Pig was Perfect!
Flipping the Pig to cook the other side!  No dropping in the sand!
The photos speak for themselves.  By the way, the pig meat and all other foods brought to share were fabulous.  We ignored the rain and had a great time!

 The Pig is perfectly cooked!  That black crisp skin was delish!

The green shirts are the Pig Committee members.  Andy was the 'enforcer', making certain all had paid before eating and that no one cut in the line!  Easy job, actually!  Cost per person was $25EC which is about $8 US per person....not bad for an entire day of fun and games and great food!

The Game Committee had tables for the kids, horseshoes, all kinds of things.

Welcome to Grenada where the storms blow in quickly!  It rained off/on all afternoon, but no one cared.

A food table heaped with food prepared by boaters - BYOB & A dish to Share

Teaser rainbow.  Nope, kept raining on us.

Singing Happy Birthday to Andy at the Pig Roast

Bonfire on the Beach - A perfect ending to a great day!

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