Friday, November 4, 2011



Grenadian Pumpkins are slightly different from our orange ones!

Not to miss the opportunity to celebrate something - anything - the active AARP crowd put together a great Halloween Party at the Marina.  Those who were flying back and forth from the USA during the summer graciously purchased decorations for the party.

And, some boaters plan way ahead and had decorations and costumes stored aboard their boats!  Amazing.  A fun night was had by the boaters, the children, as well as a some locals. 
Trick or Treating on the dock for the kids

A Tropical Depression

This one took guts!

Gee just returned from Peru - We can tell!
Cut up some paper & viola!  A Costume!

   Andy & I were Cereal Killers, taking the idea from my Mom who won the prize at the Sr. Center for her costume.
Joanne & George

The live aboard pets go into Halloween spirit too

Marilyn as a Bathroom Wall

The back of Marilyn's Bathroom Wall

This skeleton kid could dance like Michael Jackson!

Local kids party too!

Everyone was soaking wet from the humidity & the dancing!

Tent under the stars with food, bar & DJ

Our half ass pirate, Bill

Conner, one of our favorite live aboard kids, gets a lot of credit.  At age 14, to put on a girl costume is pretty gutsy.

Joanne makes a great Playboy Bunny!  (She's married to the 1/2 ass Pirate, Bill, above)

By 9:00 PM, Boaters Midnight struck for many of us.  The second party was IN THE POOL so we could all cool off!

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